Sunday, May 06, 2007

Here we go (again)

Leg two of the Texas Kayak Safari starts Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Rockport, picking up buddy Kendal, and then on down to Port Mansfield. We'll launch where we took the boats out of the water after our paddle from South Padre Island: Getaway Adventures Lodge.

From there, it's about 90 miles to Snoopy's at the island foot of the JFK Causeway in Corpus Christi.

Ninety miles and no towns. King Ranch to the left, South Padre Island National Seashore to the right. Wind at our backs, we hope.

We'll need to average about 15 miles a day to arrive by Sunday afternoon. The first day -- Tuesday -- will be the longest, a 17-mile paddle to a spoil island just south of the Landcut.
Along the way we'll fish for reds and trout and flounder and enjoy the sights of the Wild Horse Desert.

Once we hit Corpus Christi, I'll have completed about one-third of the coastal journey. From Corpus north, the towns are closer together and there are a lot more of them. We'll start doing shorter legs there -- weekends, mostly.

See y'all in about a week.